Monday, September 5, 2011

This Lil' Birdie is Getting Married

(I'm warning you now, this is a LONG post with LOTS of pictures, but it's well worth your time! Promise!)

It's official!!

Sweet boyfriend is no longer the boyfriend!  He's future hubby (aka: FH!)!

One incredibly slow Saturday at work, FH's mom walks in (she's also my boss) holding a beautiful arrangement of alstroemerias (my favorite flowers).

Me: "Ooh, pretty! Who are those for?"  Future MIL: "You!"

And then she hands me this.

Operation VISH (Very Important Scavenger Hunt).... at this point I kinda knew what was going on, but it was still exciting!
I'm currently obsessed with a nursery glider we have in our store.  It's a fabulous suzani print that absolutely MUST MUST MUST come live with me soon!  This was under the seat cushion....

We actually met at a Mexican restaurant on The Strip in Tuscaloosa.  My comment about his purple shirt got us talking.  So off towards campus on Football Fan Day (oh, and did I mention it was also Sorority Rush Week's Bid Day?) in the worst traffic of the year... to El Rincon...

This was taped to the front door (lucky no one pulled it down!!)

FH's old roommate was very much a part of our relationship when we first started dating. "Rob" actually slept on the couch in FH's condo.  That couch has been moved, but this was in its place...

At this point I'm thinking, OMG, this is really happening.  He's upstairs.  Wait.  Where was his car? 

At the top of the stairs, this was sitting on his open computer...

Both doors upstairs are closed, so I assumed he was hiding behind one of them.  And for the life of me, I could NOT get his computer to open.  He normally has it password protected and I tried at least 6 times to type that password in correctly.  Seriously?!  Are my hands shaking this much?! Finally I had to text him.  The reply?

"Just hit enter"

Lemme tell you, I'm genius. 

Here's the video....

Isn't he adorable?!

So I head off to my old apartment complex where I lived when we started dating (the "Mont by the River").

And this is what's taped up outside of my old apartment (and when I say taped, I'm talking I took paint off the post when I took it down!!)....
1. He hates Pride & Prejudice.  I love it.  We watched it on one of our first dates.  He suffered through the whole thing.  I think he might love me a little bit.
2. I had mice in this apartment.  Not pets.  Wild, field mice.  Ick.  This is why I moved.

But my clue led me on to our church and I found this...

This one made me cry.  Big time.  So sweet.  And I haven't even mentioned this before but FH and I bought a house (but aren't living together) so that's where I went to find this...

This one's hard to read, but it says my furry friend (aka: Puppy) had my last clue.  My first thought?  Oh, no, what did he tape to my dog?!

But it wasn't taped to sweet Isabelle; just to the gate I use to keep her from roaming the house and making messes...

So on my way upstairs, I notice that my flowers somehow made it from work to the house, and I snapped a picture...

They're lovely!

When I got to the third to last step upstairs, FH (standing in our bonus room) dropped to one knee.  I lost it.  I don't remember the last few steps, exactly what he said, or even looking at the ring, but I remember one thing...

"I want to spend the rest of my days with you.  Will you marry me?"

"YES!!!!!!"  Cry cry cry.  Blubber blubber blubber.  Ring on finger.

Next thing out of my mouth?

 "You couldn't have done this on a day when I actually washed my hair?"

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