Sunday, August 5, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Blogger

It's official.  This blog is getting a makeover starting with a new name, a new location, and a new design.

Visit me over at fifty-five 18.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This Lil' Birde Loves: Baby Della Grace

I have a precious friend named Kandy.  She has two beautiful daughters named Keilah & Karrah that have become my adopted family.  And a few weeks ago, Karrah had a sweet little girl named Della Grace!  Kandy is just fabulous, so as a grandmother, her name is "Yetta" like on The Nanny.  Love it!

But when I found out Karrah was having a girl, there was a pause of about 3 days before I started working on baby clothes.  And I keep adding projects!   I can't help it.  They're just so cute & itty bitty!

This onesie day gown was one of my first Della Grace projects.

It's a little blurry thanks to the iPhone camera, but I just love this fabric for baby things.  This gown is very similar to the one I made for my friend Kelli a while back.

See, isn't she just beautiful?!

And such a beautiful mommy, too!  Thanks for letting me dress your little love, Karrah.  Now I just need to hold her and love her and get my baby fix before we get back to sewing!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

This Lil' Birdie's Kitchen Makeover

I love my house.  Really, I do.  But I hate the ugly colors the builder chose, so DH and I have slowly but surely been painting everything we can.  I use "DH and I" loosely because I have yet to pick up a brush or roller.  My sweet father-in-law has been the official painter which leaves me to be the color picker.  I'm totally fine with this arrangement.

But we have finally made it to the kitchen which was honestly pretty boring (this room was never actually painted  by the builder, just primed). 

Here's the before... Blah. 

And the after... The color is Benjamin Moore's Kingsport Grey & I love it!

(See the table & chairs?  Stay tuned for a major update in the next few weeks!)

Monday, June 11, 2012

This Lil' Birdie Cooks: Shrimp & Grits

It's not very often that I cook dinner and am wowed by my own food.  It's normally a general feeling of "meh" and being underwhelmed that I followed the recipe to the tiniest pinch of spice and it didn't work out like I wanted.  But Friday night was a whole different story.

I found this recipe in Southern Living for grilled shrimp & cheesy corn grits and let's be honest, give me cheese, grits, corn & shrimp and I'm a happy happy girl.

But that seemed like a LOT of work for some silly ol' corn and shrimp, so I improvised.

And this is how it turned out...

YUM!  I actually boiled my corn & then made the grits the same way listed in the recipe.  But thanks to Pinterest, I found this shrimp recipe and ooooh it was good!

So go on.  Try it.  I promise you'll like it!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Lil' Birdie Got Married!

It's true!  I got married!  It's almost been one month since I officially became Mrs. Newman (actually, according to the US government, as of June 4, 2012, I became Mrs. Newman since it took FOREVER to actually change my name... but that's neither here nor there!).

I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures with you (without going overboard, I promise)...


A big thank you to the American Village for offering us such a wonderful venue and being so sweet to tote us around on golf carts when it was raining.  And to Barb's Cakes for the best strawberry bride's cake and cutest groom's cake ever! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Lil' Birdie's Weekend Projects

I have an entire list of projects that need to be done both around the house and for the wedding.

Instead, this weekend, I...

...updated my Twitter profile background!  (Yep, I've been super productive!).  It's lovely, though, isn't it?  I found it HERE.  Do NOT judge me on the amount of tabs I keep open in my browser window.  I've been known to cry if someone exits the window.

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll notice that I also changed my profile picture!  Here's the picture I very obviously cropped to exclude the FH (love you, though!)...

It's one of our engagement pictures that our amazing photographer Tommy Coleman took back in November.  That old rickety building we're in front of is actually less than a half mile from our house! (and just so we're clear, I'm 99% sure someone was living in there because there were blankets & old rags hanging out inside one of the holes in the wood *shudder*).

What else did I do this weekend?  In no way, shape, or form was this a productive weekend because most of it was spent watching this on repeat....

Did you not know of my love for Despicable Me and the minions?  Oh, but they're my favorite!  Haven't seen it?  Then I insist you stop what you are doing right now, go watch it, and get back to me.  I've yet to meet someone who doesn't like this movie, and now they're giving us a Part 2?! Oh, I cannot WAIT!

A lazy weekend of Twitter, YouTube, and Photoshop, and absolutely nothing checked off of my to-do list?  Fabulous!

P.s. A very large amount of my time was also spent on Pinterest.  Again, don't judge me.