Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Lil' Birdie Sews: Gameday Top

During one of the MANY MANY MANY hours I spend on Pinterest, I came across this adorable tutorial from Sweet Verbena.  While I'm not exactly an expert seamstress (nothing with curves, please!), I figured this would be one project I might could easily tackle.

I didn't have any type of "knit" like she recommends, but I didn't have some good basic cotton in a black and white houndstooth print, so I decided to make a little Game Day top since we're officially in football season now (Roll Tide, everyone!).  And since it's amazingly hot in Alabama until oh, about October, I volunteered to make one for my future sister-in-law too!  This one started out as hers, but I accidentally cut it a little too short (it sits just below my waistband, and sweet future s-i-l is a good 4-6 inches taller than me!). 

I had to do a little more finish work than in the tutorial so that the edges wouldn't fray, but I think it turned out pretty cute!

I'll be sure to post a picture when I actually get to wear it!  

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