Friday, January 21, 2011

This Lil' Birdie Wishes She Wore Week 1

I'm sure y'all have figured out by now that I'm absolutely horrible at taking pictures to link up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesdays.

So I decided to change things up a little bit.

This Lil' Birdie will now feature What I Wish I Wore Weekends (because I never know if I'll get to blog on a specific day)!  This pretty much means I'll pull pictures of outfits I love or I wish I could own...  Pretty much anything other than what I actually wear!

Let's get started today!

Emerson Made Khaki Trench, $228
I love everything about this outfit.  It looks so amazingly comfortable but still chic.  I want to wear this the next time I travel somewhere.  Or just wear the outfit and pretend like I'm traveling somewhere!  P.s. The striped shirt is on my list of "needs" or "birthday ideas"!

Michael Kors Pocketed Shirtdress, $995
Okay, I'll NEVER be able to afford this dress, but I love the casual comfy laid-back vibe.  I would wear this about every day this summer.  Love it!

Michael Kors Fall 2010 Ad Campaign
It probably doesn't hurt that I own this purse (yay, Christmas present!), but I absolutely love this outfit.  The fur, the cowl neck, everything about it.  Love it all!

So that's Week 1 of What I Wish I Wore.  Feel free to link up if you're as bad at What I Really Wore as I am!

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