Friday, December 2, 2011

This Lil' Birdie is Decorating for Christmas

It was pretty well established last year that Christmas is my favorite favorite holiday!

And this year I'm even more excited to be able to decorate my own house! No more apartments for me -- time to bring out the BIG tree!

FH and I put the tree up the Sunday before Thanksgiving (to give me ample time to enjoy it).  We have the perfect little nook beside the fireplace, and isn't Sweet Sister's tree skirt fabulous?!  {P.s. That painting behind the tree?  FH's great-grandmother painted that.  So special. }

FH's parents were nice enough to give us his ornaments for my tree this year.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Seriously old-school technology.

His JanJan & Granddaddy went to Alaska earlier this year and brought back this guy.  **SHHH.... I broke this one.  Twice.  Thank God for superglue!***

Merry Christmas, Dudes!  Why, yes, we did grow up in the '90s!  How ever did you know??

Dear Santa-bell, your beard reminds me of fluorescent light bulbs and marshmallow twists. Sincerely, a energy-saving sweet fanatic.

Speaking of "Belles", even Puppy gets an ornament...
Or two!  What can I say?  She's well-loved!

Pinterest has fed my Christmas obsession, and I have a whole list of projects for this year. But the first thing I need to do is decorate outside this weekend.  Starting with getting rid of the dead mums that have been hanging out on the front porch since September.  Wish me luck.

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