Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Lil' Birdie Loves Fudge

I've never been much of a candy-maker.  Cookies, cakes, and especially cupcakes.  That's pretty much a weekly occurrence at my house.  But candy?  Not so much.

Until my sweet friend Julie introduced me to fantasy fudge last year.  Never heard of fantasy fudge?  You don't know what you're missing.  Really.

Not only is is super fabulously amazingly good to eat, but it's also super fabulously amazingly easy to make!

Here's the recipe I use.  I've never tried the stove method.  Give me a microwave any day, and I'm a happy girl!

Make this in the microwave and then take a little baby cookie cutter and cut out some cute Christmas shapes!  (P.s. see how my lil' tree is missing a corner?  I didn't wait until mine was fully cooled & hardened before going after it with the tree cutter, and this is what happened.  Heed my advice so yours turn out better than mine!).

This makes a great and easy gift idea for neighbors or co-workers.  Cellophane bags or cookie tins, a little twine or ribbon, and you're done!  Or do things like me, and make it and eat it all yourself!!!


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